Calendar of Events

Covering events held in Canterbury, along with other events around Mainland (South Island) and New Zealand where Canterbury representative teams/players.

Below is a list of events scheduled for 2021.  We are working on a new event calendar for our website which will have greater functionality to search these events, at the moment this is just a list.


18th – Shuttletime Yankee

24th & 25th – South Island Super Vets (Franz Joseph)


3rd – Doubles 1 weekly interclub starts

4th – Doubles 2 weekly interclub starts

6th – Social grade weekly competition starts for 10 weeks

22nd & 23rd – Canterbury Under 15 & Under 19 Champs


4th, 5th, 6th – South Island Masters Teams event

12th & 13th – South Island Secondary Schools Cup (Dunedin)

13th – Boxed Singles comp for 3 weeks (plus 27/6 and 4/7)

19th & 20th – Canterbury Open Championships


11th – Shuttletime Yankee

11th to 14th – NZ Junior Team Champs

16th & 17th – Neil Cup (teams event, South Island associations)

24th & 25th – Honda Cup (teams event, Canterbury, Otago, West Coast)

30th & 31st – Canterbury B Grade Champs


2nd -Canterbury Primary Schools Indoor Tournament (years 7 & 8)

6th, 7th, 8th – South Island Div 3 teams event (Invercargill)

8th, 9th, 10th – Canterbury Secondary School Team event Junior & Senior

12th, 13th, 14th – Slazenger and Wisden Cups (Teams event)

16th – Canterbury Primary Schools Indoor Tournament (years 5 & 6)

21st & 22nd – South Island Vets (Dunedin)

21st & 22nd – Canterbury Under 13 & Under 17 Champs, incorporating Senior (Year 11-13) Secondary School Champs

26th – Junior Interclub starts (weekly, 6 weeks)


18th & 19th – Canterbury Junior Year 9-10 Secondary School Champs


2nd, 3rd, 4th – South Island Age Group (Junior) Team Champs (Dunedin)

5th & 6th – South Island Age Group (Junior) Individual Champs (Dunedin)

17th – Shuttletime Yankee


23rd, 24th, 25th – South Island Junior Secondary School Champs

Notes to accompany calendar:

(S) denotes Badminton NZ Sanctioned event.

(T) denotes a TEAMS event.  A qualification process may apply and will vary depending on the event, please click through to read more details about the tournament and who to contact.

Juniors and Masters can play in Senior/Adult/Open events, age restrictions apply for Junior (under  13/15/17/19), Masters (35+), Veterans (50+) and Super Vets (60+) events

To avoid clashes in events, Badminton Canterbury sets their calendar after Badminton NZ have published theirs, and Mainland (South Island associations) has set theirs.  The Canterbury calendar is usually set in December for the following year, and the dates will be updated on here.  Most of the tournaments are held approximately at the same time each year, so this should be used as a guideline of events for the following year.  You can also view the Badminton NZ calendar of events.  For details on other Mainland events, you will need to view the relevant associations website: Southland, Otago, West Coast