Court Hire Rates

Users can set up a free account on Pay2Play.  From here you can then access Badminton Hall (VR Skellerup Hall) to book courts.  You can either do this casually, or you can request to “Join” and become a Hall Supporter – giving you access to cheaper courts.

Below are the hourly charges for courts.

Tier   Annual Fee Peak (5-11pm) Off Peak (11pm-5pm)
3 Casual - $30 $25
2 Hall Supporter $30 $22 $16
1 Hall Supporter and Member of Affiliated Club $30 $17 $11


Special Offer:  Sign up to be a “Hall Supporter” for a year by 30 September for no charge (saving $30). 

If you sign up between 1st October to 31st December, then you can access our early bird rate of $20 for a year. 

This is only valid for your first year, and standard rates will apply when renewing next year.

Price from 1st January 2022 will be $30.

  • Peak rates covers: 5pm to 11pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Off peak is all other times.
  • All users are automatically Tier 3.
  • To become eligible for Tier 2, users need to pay an annual fee of $30 through the Pay2Play system.
  • To become eligible for Tier 1, users need to be on Tier 2, and be a member of a club affiliated to Badminton Canterbury. When you sign up using Pay2Play, you need to select the club you belong to.  This is then verified by Badminton Canterbury staff before your eligibility is confirmed.  Users need to allow up to a week for this to happen.  This verification process will happen each year when the user renews their membership.

Badminton Canterbury

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Badminton Hall, 220 Pages Road, Wainoni

Postal Address:
PO Box 2497, Christchurch

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