Every Wednesday night from 7.30pm – 9.00pm, suitable for 16+




Every Thursday evenings 5.30pm – 7.00pm, 











DROP-IN BADMINTON  $10 per player

This group is about playing badminton socially, learning and improving badminton skills and making good friends, whatever age, ability or gender. If you are a beginner, social player or returning to the sport, this group is for you. 

If you haven’t got a racquet, no problem!, just bring your sports shoes and we will provide you with racquets and shuttles, no strings attached (lol).  So get ready for a bit of healthy competition and lots of laughter! 

Did you know: Badminton is a TOTAL BODY WORKOUT, it increases your Flexibility and Improves Your Mental Wellbeing!


FAMILY BADMINTON $10 per family with one playing adult

What a great way for families to spend some quality, fun time together while reaping the many benefits badminton can provide. Grab the kids and come on down for a hit and serious laughter.  We all know the saying… Families that Play Together Stay Together.

We have everything you need to play, just bring your sports shoes and your energy.

Did you know:  Badminton can help kids to cope with stress by allowing them to release tensions through free movement and self-expression.