Canterbury Singles Ladder


Top 30 Female and Male players recognized

Challenger Pool of players from 31-60

Combined gender neutral ladder

Free in 2022

Minimum prize pool $500


How it works:

Register to take part (Free in 2022)

Senior selectors and coach will provide an initial ranking of players

Earn points by making and accepting challenges from others on the ladder, or by winning games at selected tournaments

Points accumulated over the year and prizes to top players at the end of year awards

Singles Ladder – Full Details

These details form the terms and conditions of entry, and players agree to these by submitting their entry

  1. Players will register for the singles ladder, with their email and mobile phone number being shared with other people on the ladder. Registrations will be completed through the BC database system.
  2. To be eligible to take part in the Singles Ladder/Challenger Pool, players must be:
    • Registered for the current season with a club that is affiliated to Badminton Canterbury,
    • Be in good financial standing with their club and BC.
    • Adult/senior players in Canterbury, including Masters players.
    • Top Under 15/17/19 players may be included on invitation from BC under advice from the relevant coaches. Minimum age is 13 (that is, players who turn 13 during the year are eligible).
  3. There will be 3 ladders made – male, female, and gender neutral. This is to provide males and females a chance to compete against each other, but also to recognise the top individuals in each sex
  4. The initial ranking will be completed by the senior selectors and coaches, and will initially comprise of up to 30 males and 30 females. Should there be further entries, those who do not make the top 30 will become eligible for a “challenger pool”
  5. Registrations to the Singles Ladder after the close off date will be placed into the Challenger Pool
  6. Players can challenge a player up to 5 places ahead of them on the gender neutral ladder, or 3 places on their own gender ladder. The higher ranked person should respond within 3 days, and the game is to be played within 21 days
  7. Challenger games are to be played at a mutually agreed venue, and court and shuttles at players own costs. If a Date/time/Venue can’t be agreed on, then the challenger is to submit a request to BC to mediate.
  8. A player can only make one challenge request (that is accepted) every two weeks. This is to ensure they are also available to play people that challenge against them, and allow time for uploading of results.
  9. Any player who is consistently unavailable to play will be withdrawn from the ladder.
  10. Results from Challenger games to be submitted to BC within 48 hours of the game via our website (Specific ladder page)
  11. Individual game results and any changes to the ladder will be published on BC’s website within 7 days.
  12. Entry to the ladder itself is free in 2022. Challenger games cannot take place December or January.  Entry to eligible events will have a cost for players should they chose to go in them
  13. Players will accumulate points as detailed below. Points will be “reset” at the end of each calendar year. That means points will be reset to a base level, and players will carry forward their ranking to the following year.  This is to allow for players to keep their places they have worked hard for, but to also allow new people to challenge onto the ladder (ie not just those who have been on it the longest get to the top).
  14. Players do not have to take part in any of the eligible events, however they should note that they will drop down the rankings if they are not participating.
  15. Prizes for the ladder will be awarded as follows:
    • Prizes will be presented at our annual awards, and will be assessed on the players placing as at 30 September 
    • Top 5 in each sex will receive a placing prize
    • Top 3 will receive a small trophy to keep
    • 5 random spot prizes from all ladder and challenger pool entries
    • Total prize pool each year valued at a minimum of $500
  16. Players will need to re-register for the ladder each year (free in 2022, likely small cost in 2023), and preference will be given to:
    • Players registered from the previous year (including any injury withdrawals)
    • Challenger pool players from previous year
    • Then entries will be opened to other players


Ladder Points:

  1. Win a game at an eligible event +10
  2. Reach semi finals at an eligible event +10
  3. Reach finals at an eligible event +10
  4. Direct challenge loss +5
  5. Direct challenge win +15



  • semi finals and finals points may not be available in all events depending on their numbers and the draw format.
  • Eligible event games do not need to be against people in the ladder competition to receive points
  • Each game played at the Singles Ladder event days will count as Direct Challenge Loss/Wins – as they are all ranked games and likely round robin style.

Eligible Events in 2022:

  • St Paddy’s A grade/open – main draw and round robin only, not plate events
  • Canterbury Open – main draw and round robin only, not plate events
  • Only singles at eligible events will count – that is no points will be awarded for any doubles or mixed games.

Challenger Pool:

Players ranked 31-50 of each sex, and will be governed under all the rules of the main challenger ladder.

How do players challenge onto the ladder?

The top 3 challenger pool players of each gender can challenge the bottom 3 of the main ladder.  This is a direct promotion/relegation challenge.  The winner will go to the main ladder, the loser drops into the top position of the challenger pool.

A player may only make 1 challenge to the main pool per month (this is done to ensure players who make their way up to the main ladder are given opportunity to play their way out of relegation zone, and to ensure players at the top of challenger pool are available to play others in the challenger pool).



Gender Neutral

LAST UPDATE 19/03/2021


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