Below is information for schools and teachers about how we can help you experience badminton in your school!


Primary Schools

Badminton is the 2nd most popular sport in the world and is increasing in popularity here in NZ. It is an excellent way for students to develop hand-eye coordination, eye tracking, hitting and throwing skills and overall general motor skills. Although an indoor sport – there is no reason this can’t be taught all year as part of your PE programme.

Shuttle Time is the Badminton World Federation pathway programme to give students the exposure to and an opportunity to play badminton.

At Badminton Canterbury we have a number of qualified and experienced Shuttle Time coaches who can tailor a coaching programme specifically to your school. Our coaches use the BWF Shuttle Time app to aid in their teaching and this amazing resource is also available to download for free.

As our funding has changed, in 2019 we have introduced a small cost of $25 per session (up to one hour in length).  We usually recommend 3-4 sessions over as many weeks for the pupils to develop and progress their skills.

Secondary Schools

We offer Shuttle Time coaching blocks that introduce students to badminton. Many secondary schools also complete a badminton module in their physical education internal assessments that focus on things such the bio-mechanical elements involved in the sport. Where possible we can send in a qualified coach in to teach students the requirements for their assessment and help with the assessment process if necessary.

There is a small cost of $30 per class up to an hour in length for sessions in secondary schools, and is subject to coach availability.

Along with the Wednesday competition organised by Secondary Schools Sport, Badminton Canterbury hold a Canterbury Secondary Schools Championships events – both a Teams and an Individuals Event.

Koru games is on in the end of September – there are some Friday coaching spots available if you want your teams to have some practice prior!


Coaching Courses for Teachers

This can be organised on Professional Development days or split into a number of sessions. This is aimed at giving teachers the skills and confidence to teach their own badminton sessions. Upon completion of the course participants will be a qualified Shuttle Time coach. There is no cost for this and is held here in Christchurch, usually three times a year.  These courses are a great way for teachers (and parent help) to gain knowledge and confidence to help their students prepare for their games.  The next courses will be in 2019, so please let us know if you are interested and we will contact you with course dates.


After School Programmes

We want to get as many children as possible playing and enjoying badminton. To make this more accessible for families and the students we are looking for schools that are able to let us use their gym to run these sessions. Please contact: if you have a hall that is available either for hire or free of charge.


Contact us

Please use the form below to contact our Shuttletime Coordinator directly.