Badminton Hall

Badminton Canterbury owns and operates an 8 court dedicated Badminton Hall in Christchurch. Pay2Play allows for 24/7 365 days a year access.

*Please note officiated Badminton Canterbury Events have priority use of these facilities.

How much does it cost?
Courts are available casually or you can join as a Hall Supporter for just $30 per year to access our low members rates! You pay per half hour to book courts and court hire rates can be found on the Pricing Page.

How do you register?
Head over to Pay2Play and request a membership for Badminton Hall. We will approve your membership (yes we view all the applicants so allow us time to approve you) and you will then get an email with your door access code.

How do you book a court?
Once you have your card, either login online via Pay2Play or download their app

Badminton Canterbury uses Pay2Play booking system for our courts.

Some of the terminology we use:

  • Casual User: a user who books and pays for a one off booking – they don’t pay an annual fee to become a Hall Supporter.
  • Hall Supporter: a user to pays an annual fee to be a supporter of the VR Skellerup Hall, 220 Pages Road.
  • Club Affiliated: this person is a member of a club who is affiliated to Badminton Canterbury.
  • VR Skellerup Hall: Badminton Canterbury’s facility at 220 Pages Road. Also known as Badminton Hall.
Court Hire Terms and Conditions

Court Hire Terms and Conditions

Below are the terms and conditions all users agree to when signing up to Pay2Play and accessing a booking for the VR Skellerup Hall.

  1. All details provided are true and correct.
  2. I am 18 or over years old or I am the above child’s legal parent or guardian.
  3. I understand the pin/access number issued is my number and I cannot share it with another person. If my pin number has been compromised, I must immediately notify Pay2Play.
  4. Any users who access the facilities under my booking are my responsibility. I must be present for the entire duration of a booking under my name. I will ensure appropriate use of the facilities, and I will be liable for any damages caused by myself or others accessing the building with me. Any damages will be reported immediately.
  5. I will abide by the rules of Badminton Canterbury (including Code of Conduct) as advised by their website or on the noticeboards in the Hall.
  6. I understand Badminton Canterbury events have priority for bookings (this includes Mainland Badminton and Badminton New Zealand). These events are usually booked in advance, and on occasion may mean the courts are unavailable for an extended period.
  7. If I am the last person to exit the facility, I will ensure that lights are out, and doors shut. I agree not to wedge the front door open at any time.
  8. If applying for the Affiliated Club Member rate (Tier 1), then I agree to Badminton Canterbury requesting my membership status from my nominated club and agree to that club providing my membership status to Badminton Canterbury.
  9. I understand that money credited to my Pay2Play account is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  10. Court cancellations: you need to cancel your booking with at least SIX hours’ notice, or you will be charged. Cancellations that are eligible for a refund will receive a voucher for future booking. Please note at this stage cancellations are manually authorised.
  11. I understand if I do not renew my Tier 1 or 2 membership (i.e. no longer a Hall Supporter) then any money in my account will automatically expire when my membership ends. It is my responsibility to know the date my membership ends.
  12. I agree to ONLY play on a court with lights on. If I play on an unlit court at any time, I understand I may be billed for additional court fees, and my membership at the hall may be terminated with no notice.
  13. I acknowledge that there are recording security cameras at various locations in the hall, and that Badminton Canterbury may check these at any time to ensure compliance with these terms and conditions.
  14. Badminton Canterbury may revise these terms and conditions at any time. Notice of this will be published on their website and social media.
  15. I understand that if any of the above conditions are breached my membership will be deactivated & I will lose any unused credit.

Badminton Canterbury’s Privacy Policy can be found at

Question and Answer

Will my card still work?

No.  You will be issued a pin number instead.  There will be a keypad at the door, and the pin number will work for the times of your bookings to access the hall.

I have money on my card.  Can I get it refunded?

As per the existing terms of our cards, we are unable to provide refunds.  Any money on existing accounts will be available to use on the new Pay2Play system.  You will need to sign up for a Pay2Play account to access this credit.  After your account has been opened, we will issue you a voucher code for the value you have on credit as at close of business on Wednesday 4th August 2021.  You have up to 12 months to use this voucher.

Will my account top ups expire?

Unused money will sit in your account while it is current.  This means if you don’t renew your annual hall supporter membership, unused money will expire.  With Pay2Play, you can also pay as you go per booking, which means you don’t need to have any large amounts of money sitting in your account.

Do I have to book in advance, or can I just turn up?

We recommend bookings to make sure the courts are available for you, however the computer in the foyer will still be available for you to log in and book a court if you prefer to just come down.  Please note you need to be on Tier 1 or 2 (minimum Hall Supporter) access to be able to do this.  Casual users cannot open the front door without a booking.

How much is it to book a court?  Are you increasing your prices?

The rates for individuals booking courts will the staying as they are now.

Those on special rates (ie Tier 1: member of an affiliated club) will notice that we will be now verifying that people are registered to a club to receive this rate, and will need to allow us time to do this check (it’s not automatic, we need time for our clubs to confirm your membership)

We are tidying up some of the organisation rates (clubs, community groups etc) to ensure they are consistent and fair to all groups.  We will be increasing the peak rate for clubs from $11 to $13 per hour.

What’s this annual fee of $30? That’s new!

Our cards have always had an annual fee of $20, however BC has not charged it or increased it for many years.  The slightly increased fee of $30 will be effective from 1st January 2022 for all new accounts, and people renewing their Hall Supporter membership.  You do not need to be a member to use the courts, you can still access them casually.  We recommend joining if you are playing even once a month, to get the cheaper rate.

Do all my group need to join?

No.  Only one person in your booking needs to be a member.  Each member may book a maximum of two courts.  The pin number for the door access is individual and should not be shared, and the person who has the account is responsible for the booking and use of all people accessing the hall under that booking.  So, the person making the booking needs to be at the hall for the booking and be sure to let the other players who are part of their group in the door!

Can I cancel my booking?

Bookings need at least 6 hours’ notice of cancellation or they will be charged for.  This ensures that if you no longer need a court then another user can book that time.  You can cancel through the P2P website using a computer or mobile device, or at the hall kiosk.

Can I extend my booking?

Yes just log in and you can add more courts or more time!  You can do this at either the kiosk in the foyer or through your own device.

How do I top up or put money on my card?

P2P is a bit more flexible than our old system, you chose what suits you, either:

  • Put a lump sum on your account (as you have done in the past), and use it as you need, or
  • pay for each specific booking at the time you make the booking via credit card or internet banking

How do I set up my account?

Simply visit Pay2Play and sign up for a free account!  If you already have a P2P account, just log in and you can either book casually at VR Skellerup Hall or request to Join if you want to take advantage of cheaper courts.  Unlike the old system, BC will not be able to view your password, so P2P will be more secure for you.

Are my details private?

BC has a privacy statement/policy with regards to collecting personal information.  This is available on our website.

Why are you changing the system?

The current system is now quite old.  It has very limited support available and there has been many instances of the system going down and people are unable to book or get in the hall when they have booked.  Pay2Play should have less down time and support more available when issues to arise.

In addition, Pay2Play means we do not need to issue cards, and you don’t need to keep track of a card either.  By not needing a card to enter, people can use the courts casually (under the existing system they could only do this within the 15 hours a week the office is open).  So if someone is visiting Christchurch, or just wants to try it out, they can.  We want to remove barriers to people participating in badminton in Christchurch, and this is one less!

Can I get rates any cheaper?

We offer a tiered scale of court rates.  It is cheaper if you play at off peak hours.  By simply paying the annual $30 hall fee to become a Hall Supporter, you get rates cheaper (save $8 per hour peak), and if you are also a member of an affiliated BC club (they operate at many halls throughout Canterbury), then your rates are cheaper again (saving $5 per hour), combined savings of $13 per hour at peak times!

In fairness to all hall users, we do not individually negotiate rates.

What if I’m a member of a club but not the hall.  What is my rate?

You will need to be a Hall Supporter ($30 per year) to be eligible for the club member rate.  If you don’t want to be a Hall Supporter then you will be on our casual rates.

I already have a membership with Pay2Play for another facility – can’t I just use that?

You can use your existing log in with Pay2Play to book casually.  However to access either our VR Skellerup Hall Supporter rate or Club Members rate you will still need to become a member for the facility at 220 Pages Road (VR Skellerup Hall).

I have a booking for after the 5th August – what happens to it?

On Friday 30th July we will transfer over any bookings made for after 7th August to the new system.  Note you will still need a Pay2Play account activated prior to your booking so you can access the hall.  At this point you will be unable to make any new bookings on the old system for after 7th August, you will need to use the new system.  Please see the Key Dates at the top of this document.

Court Hire Rates

Users can set up a free account on Pay2Play.  From here you can then access Badminton Hall (VR Skellerup Hall) to book courts.  You can either do this casually, or you can request to “Join” and become a Hall Supporter – giving you access to cheaper courts.

Please be advised that our membership fee for Hall Supporter and Affiliated Club Members will be increasing from $30 per year to $40, effective from the 1st of July 2024.  


Below are the hourly charges for courts.

Tier Annual FeePeak (5-11pm)Off Peak (11pm-5pm)
2Hall Supporter$30$22$16
1Hall Supporter and Member of Affiliated Club$30$17$11


  • Peak rates covers: 5pm to 11pm 7 days a week. Off peak is all other times.
  • All users are automatically Tier 3.
  • To become eligible for Tier 2, users need to pay an annual fee of $30 through the Pay2Play system.
  • To become eligible for Tier 1, users need to be on Tier 2, and be a member of a club affiliated to Badminton Canterbury. When you sign up using Pay2Play, you need to select the club you belong to.  This is then verified by Badminton Canterbury staff before your eligibility is confirmed.  Users need to allow up to a week for this to happen.  This verification process will happen each year when the user renews their membership.