Following the strategic review and subsequent creation of our new strategic plan, BC undertook a review of our current staffing levels and positions.  This resulted in a few changes that we have been working through this year.  The first, which you are probably aware of, was additional administrative support, increasing the office hours from 15 to 45 per week as we welcomed Debbie Lennane-Henry to her new role as Office Manager (working alongside Julie)

As Debbie has settled in with us, this has allowed the second change to begin, that is with the role of General Manager (GM).  Lou Satherley has been working in this role part-time for longer than originally anticipated and is now handing over the GM duties to our Coach and Development Manager Jo Christie.  Jo will continue with her Coach and Development Manager work, but with greater support from the office this has resulted in her being able to take on the additional role.

Meanwhile, Lou will continue to work with BC, in an aside role, as Business Development & Relationship Manager – tasked with work on a variety of projects to improve BC, and to work alongside and support Jo in her GM role.

This won’t mean too much change to “business as usual” here, as we have been working towards these changes over the past season.

Our team is now:

Julie Rademaker – Office Administrator, for all your day to day accounts enquiries and court bookings

Debbie Lennane-Henry – Office Manager, for accounts, customer service, general HR & IT, office & hall management

Jeanna Riley – Events, – organizes our two large events (St Paddy’s & Canterbury Open), and provides other event support/knowledge

Leiza Flewellen – Events, – organization of BC events

Jo Christie – General Manager (including Coach and Player development), for managing day to day operations, overseeing of coaches and programs

Lou Satherley – Business Development & Relationship Manager, support to Jo, work on various projects (e.g. Sponsorship, constitution, Communities)

In addition, we have a variety of on-court coaches working in various areas across the region, from Shuttletime to rep level badminton, plus our volunteers that all help to support badminton in Canterbury!

Overall, this is in line with the budget presented at the AGM to clubs, and while we have a number of staff, most of us are part time or casual.  This results in our off-court staff being approximately 2.5 Full Time Equivalent (FTE), making us still quite light staffed compared to most RSO’s (Regional Sports Organizations).

You can read more about our team (and Board) as we introduce them through our newsletters, website, and noticeboards over the summer.

Please get in touch if you have any questions.



Graphic showing BC Leadership Team, Matt Selen, Jo Christie, Lou Satherley, and thier job titles