Regional Coaching Day

Venue: Zhu Badminton Centre, 98 Aidenfield Drive, Wigram
UPDATED 2020 Dates:  July 19th
Cost: $20 per day

These camps are compulsory for all players wanting to be considered for representative badminton in Canterbury (U13’s through to U19’s) and will be considered your trial for a rep team.  The junior coaches and selectors will be present at the camps.

Minimum standard of play is ‘Silver’ on the shuttle Time Badge system – see image below.  Note players do not have to have to have been formally assessed against this standard, but they should be at this level of play to take part in the coaching.

Camp will run as two to three squads, based on ability, not age group. The camp will run as two 1.5 hour training blocks with morning tea and guest speaker (subject to availability) in between

9 – 10.30 Session 1 run by coach
10.30 – 10.45 Morning tea – set SMART goal
10.45 – 11.30 Guest Speaker
11.30 – 12.30 Session 2 run by coach
12.30 – 1 SMART goal session – player lead with coach support. Players have an opportunity to set up their own routine to practice the shot they are wanting to work on.

Registrations required below.

Juniors: Regional Coaching Days

  • Enter first and last name for the junior taking part
  • Also may be used in case of emergency
  • We send an occasional newsletter for our Junior players that includes information and events they may be interested in. You can opt out at any time. Would you like to be included on this list?
  • We do take photos and videos from time to time to help us promote the event and show what happens. These images will be owned by Badminton Canterbury and may be used at any time by Badminton Canterbury, in either print or digital media (including websites and social media). Please tick either box to show if we have consent to take any still or moving images of your child playing badminton.

SMART goals:

This is an opportunity for players to work on a shot they are wanting to develop. When setting your smart goal, players need to follow:

Specific ie. Well defined, clear and unambiguous
Measurable ie. Within specific criteria that measure your progress towards the accomplishment of the goal
Achievable ie. Attainable and not impossible to achieve
Realistic ie. Within reach, realistic or relevant
Timely ie. Within a clearly defined timeframe, including a start and end date

For example: I want to be able to hit a cross court forehand net shot using the correct hitting technique of pronating forearm, with the shuttle landing within 30cm of the service line 8 out of 10 times by the end of July. To do this I will practice this shot for 5 – 10 minutes at each training session.

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