A weekly doubles based tournament


for A, Doubles 1 and Doubles 2 standard players


a great start to your pre season to

get your fitness up and your eye in! 


Games are timed rather than playing to points, so play will finish by 9.35pm!



Please read this information:

  1. Team Structure:
    • Teams are made up of 4 players (gender neutral)
    • Players are ranked from 1 to 4 within their team.
    • Ranking is based on ability not gender
    • Teams can be put together by players themselves or you can enter as an individual and BC will place you in a team, or on the reserve list (first in first served)
    • If you’re unable to play (or one of your team) it is your responsibility to find a suitable fill in (ie similar ability to the person unable to play)
  2. Team Divisions/ Grading:
    • There will be two divisions if we get the required number of teams/players. Maximum 8 teams in Division 1 and 8 in Division 2.
    • Teams don’t have to be club based.  If you want to enter and do not have a team, please fill in the form below and we will try and place you in a team.
    • As a guide teams should consist of
      Division 1
      1st Ranked player – A grade
      2nd Ranked player – A grade
      3rd Ranked player – Doubles 1 grade
      4th Ranked player – Doubles 1 grade
      Division 2
      1st Ranked Player – Doubles 1 grade
      2nd Ranked player – Doubles 1 grade
      3rd Ranked player – Doubles 2 grade
      4th Ranked player – Doubles 2 grade
  3. Tie/Nightly Structure
    • Each person will play 3 timed doubles matches per tie.
    • 20 minute games with a 5 minute interval between games.
    • Ties consist of 6 ties – to be played in this order.
      Ranked players 1 & 4 play off
      Ranked players 2 & 3 play off
      Ranked players 1 & 3 play off
      Ranked players 2 & 4 play off
      Ranked players 1 & 2 play off
      Ranked players 3 & 4 play off
    • All players must be warmed up and ready to start on the whistle or game is forfeited. If one team is present they will collect the points, otherwise no points allocated for that match.
  4. General Information
    • Play will commence Monday 15 February and run through until 22nd March
    • 9 Shuttles allocated per tie – teams to use own supply after that
    • Cost is $240 per team or $60 per individual that registers. Payable on entry.
    • Entry should be paid into the BC bank account, or by eftpos on the first night.
    • No refund given for games missed, if you don’t turn up you will be billed your opponents fee for that tie (i.e. $10)
    • If entries permit playing times will be (4 courts per division)
      • 710 – 730, 735 – 755, 8 – 820, 825 – 845, 850 – 910, 915 – 9.35
      • ALL team members need to be warmed up and ready to go BY 7pm


Entries open below on 20 December and close Wednesday 10th February at 5pm with Badminton Canterbury

Questions?  email shuttletime @ badmintoncanterbury.com, or head to our Facebook page

Doubles Pre Season: Key Points

Starts: Monday 15 February 2021

Time: from 7pm sharp

Entries Close: Wednesday 10th February

Teams of: 4, gender neutral, rank in order

Cost: $10 per player per night

Enter your TEAM using this form

Entry - Doubles Pre Season TEAM

Enter for Pre-Season Doubles League
  • Note Team Captain is responsible for the team, and if correct emails are not supplied for team members the captain will be responsible for the payment of full team entry fees
  • Please indicate what level player 1 would normally play or fill in at.
  • Please indicate what level player 2 would normally play or fill in at.
  • Please indicate what level player 3 would normally play or fill in at.
  • Please indicate what level player 4 would normally play or fill in at.


If you do not have a TEAM to play in but would like one, please leave your details on here.  We will be in contact when we have a suitable team for you.  Please note by completing the details here your email and mobile will be given to your other team members.

Doubles Pre Season - No team

for those who want to play Doubles Pre Season but don't have a team
    By submitting this form you will be added to the Badminton Canterbury monthly newsletter (unsubscribe any time). We will also try to place you within a team, and may need to contact you for more information about your ability. You will receive more info/confirmation of this soon.


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