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2017 Interclub Rules

1. Player Registration & Team Entries
2. Composite Teams
3. Match Fees
4. Disputes
5. Fill-in Rules
6. Court Rules
7. Clothing Code
8. Scoring System
9. Finals/Semi-Finals
10. Order of Play


(a) Clubs when entering teams must for all grades give names of all players. This determines a players grade, team and Club for the season. Clubs are also requested on registering players for the season [as in Rule 1(b)] to state grading for all players especially those not named in a team. This will assist the Interclub Convenor (IC) to determine eligibility of fill-ins.
(b) Any Club that has not paid current registration fees by 30th June, will incur a 10% penalty. All players who will be playing Interclub in the current season must be registered with the Association through their Club by 30th June.
(c) A Club must give 24 hours’ notice of intention to default to the Interclub Convenor otherwise the defaulting team will incur both team fees. When a team plays with a player short that team must pay that players fees and those of the opposing player.
(d) No named interclub player may play for more than one Club per season without obtaining permission from the IC unless the player is not in a team and named in a fill-in pool [see Rule 5(c)].(e) Rank of players for A Grade is 1-3 for men & 4-5 for women, as per the entry form received from Clubs. A request to change from the entered ranking must be made in writing from Clubs to the Interclub Convenors. Points will be deducted if players play below ranking.



(a) Composite teams may be entered as, for example, Avon/Ashgrove. The name of the team shall be known as “Avon/Ashgrove” for the season. The first team named is responsible for entering the team. A fill-in from either club can be used if a composite team player is unable to play. Members of composite teams may fill in for their Club teams only, not the other named team.
(b) A composite team must be entered with the consent of both Clubs involved.



Any fees outstanding more than one month will attract a 10% penalty fee.


All disputes must be referred to, in writing, through your Club to the IC.



(a) Fill-ins must be found by the team or club requiring the fill-in. It is not the responsibility of the interclub convenor to assist with finding fill-ins.
(b) A team can obtain fill-ins from the same level or a lower level as per the following table. All fill-ins must be financial members of a club registered to Badminton Canterbury.
Level 1 A Grade: No. 1 ranked Man & Women
Level 2 A Grade: players ranked 2 & 3 DOUBLES 1
Level 3 B Grade DOUBLES 2
Level 4 DOUBLES 3
(c) Fill in poolsTeams must draw from their own clubs first. A list of registered players who are available to fill in will be placed on the Interclub Notice Board. Clubs (teams) requiring a player may use a player from another club as long as the player is not required by their own club. If using a player from another club teams must notify the players club and also the Interclub Convenors. Players have a responsibility to their own club first. A list of players (& their phone numbers) available to fill-in will be placed on the Interclub Notice Board.
(d) Permission to use any other variation such as a fill-in from another club, who is not listed in a fill-in pool, may only be obtained from the IC.
(e) The IC can at times use his/her discretion to allow players to play down a grade.
(f) A player may fill-in only five times in a higher grade each season, excepting Premier where there is no limit.
(g) Any player filling in from a lower grade must play bottom singles. All Doubles Grade players and non-regular team members must play in order of strength.
(h) No player may play for more than one team per night.
(i) Clubs with more than one team in a grade may not interchange players withinthose teams; however, players filling in may do so for either team.Players with a buy may fill-in in their grade.



(a) All Interclub competition must be played on the dates and times set down in the draw; NO mutual agreement to depart from these will be permitted unless agreed to by the IC.
(b) In any grade if a team is a player short the bottom singles, doubles and mixed will be defaulted. If 24 hours’ notice of a player’s default is not given, the offending team is liable to pay for their absent player and the opponent’s fee.Notice of a default must be given first to the Interclub Convenor & also the opposing team.
(c) If, during a match, a player is incapacitated and unable to continue, the match shall be forfeited to the opponent. All subsequent matches in which that player is unable to continue must be defaulted.
(d) In exceptional circumstances, once Interclub is underway, a Club may wish to regrade a player. In such cases application must be made in writing to the IC giving full details.
(e) Any player not ready to start play thirty minutes after the official start time of 7.00 p.m. for all grades, will default all matches unless prior arrangement with opposing team and consent of the IC.
(f) Teams must clean the courts they have used after play using the static mops only.  Please make sure the court sweepings are placed in the bins & all rubbish is cleaned up and put in the bins.  (dust-pan and broom to clean up sweepings can be found in the cleaners cupboard ).
(g) All matches must be “tossed for” individually by the umpire of the match. Both teams must alternate between umpiring matches.
(h) In all other aspects, the Rules of the Badminton World Federation will apply.
(i) Extra feather shuttles are available from the BC Office if open, however it is recommended that they are purchased in advance of matches.



(a) The Association requires a tidy standard of sports clothing when playing Interclub Competition. Jeans, singlets, rugby socks etc will not be allowed. Team uniforms are encouraged.
(b) To protect the court surface, we request that all players do not wear street shoes within the playing area. Non-marking sports shoes must be worn during play.



(a) New Rally Point Scoring to be used for all Interclub matches.
(b) Two points for a tie win will be added to match points each tie. The semi-finalists will be decided on a count back of matches won during the season.
(c) The Captain of the winning team must place the result sheet, listing player names (i.e first name and surname), individual and team scores, date and round number in the results box before they leave the hall. Sheets must be signed by both team Captains. NO RESULTS – NO POINTS
(d) Late Start Penalty – 1 point will be docked from team results (either or both teams) if there is NO game ready to start at 7.15pm.



(a) Semi-finals and a final will determine each grade winner. The four teams to play-off will be determined by the following points system. The four top scoring teams go through to the Semi-finals with the first placed team playing the fourth placed team and the second placed team playing the third placed team.
(b) Teams to notify IC before semi-finals if their team is unable to play either this match or the final and next qualifying team will go forward. This will be at the discretion of the IC.
(c) If a team requires a fill-in for a Semi-final or Final this player must have played at least three rounds during the season for their Club and permission must be sought from the IC.



(a) The order of play shall be as stated on the score sheets. However if it not possible to be played in this order from Start Time an alternative game MUST be played out of this stated order or the start penalty will apply to both teams.
(b) Teams shall play in order of merit for singles & doubles. Doubles merit to be based on strength of pair, not individual players. Captains shall, before the start of play, list their team showing order of merit, which shall be the playing order for each event: no alteration in the composition of the team or its playing order shall be made thereafter. The playing order used after the third tie of the season shall be deemed permanent and no alteration shall be made without the permission of the IC, excepting when Rule 6(d) applies.’